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FAQ 6th Contest Architectural ideas Harley-Davidson® Shop Experience 2016


What is the official date of project delivery?

The official deadline is on July 25, 2016, it is recommended do one or two days in advance to be satisfactorily confirm receipt of work.

How I can register the contest?

the registration form is executed after performing the registration payment (credit card, bank deposit and through Oxxos and 7-Eleven). In the special section REGISTRATION Having on hand the number of movement, access the section where you must fill the information fields, then you will reach your email confirming that your data was received and within 48 hours receive your file number will be his distinctive throughout the contest, and the link to download material support consisting map in AutoCAD, photographs, information documents etc.

Registration is necessarily in equipment or can be individual?

It can be done of the two However, in case of equipment should have an owner who is recording the whole group.

What is the limit of members in a team?

There is no limit members, only we asked to be students or professionals of the career mentioned in the bases.

Why phone, email and place of residence are asked?

According to the legal provisions on protection of personal data, the use thereof by Escuela Digital will only contact purposes and sending information about the contest for the participants, this as may occur a situation where you need contact (not having the required information requested in the registration, poor reception of the project or communication with the winner).

If I am winner, recognition is personal or team?

An awards presentation depend on the request of the equipment and can be both.

Can I participate if I'm not in Mexico?

The competition is international and teams from other countries can participate in the project. It will be presented information about the area (documents, map, photographs) so they need not physically see the place. If you need additional information, you can send the request to

How do I make my registration if I am from another country?

The only way is making the payment by credit card, once the transfer must access the registration form. Dollar amounts for other countries are also on the menu REGISTRATION.

I signed and I did not get my folio number or the link to download What can I do?

The confirmation email data comes at a period of 3-24 hrs. After this period the organizers confirm payment registration, sending a second email with the confirmation of it, folio number and the download link with the complementary material. If after this period did not receive the information, please send an email to

After registration, can i include more members to team?

You can add more people or modify the equipment. It will be necessary send an email to with the folio number and the name of the new member. The deadline is July 25, 2016.

From project

How do I get material support for the project?

At time of registration will get a link where you can download the material. Should it not receive or could not download the information correctly, please send an email to

Do we deliver a map of the area to intervene?

In the menu development you may find the map in PDF assembly the building at the time of registration a more detailed AutoCAD map is delivered.

TWO HORIZONTAL images are sent, What does it mean?

That delivery will be through two sheets of presentation in horizontal format with measures 90 x 60 cm to 72 dpi's

If i need other complementary material, Do you give it?

All supplementary material is in the download link that is sent when complete registration. If additional information is needed, teams can make the request with information wishing to request, receive answer within 24 to 48 hours if is possible get information, which It is attached to turn in the same download link sent before.