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Queries, Rights and Claims

Escuela Digital is responsible for enforcing all the rules of the contest "Harley-Davidson® Shop Experience 2016 " as well as administration and fair development.

All communication related to competition should be sent by email ( Any attempt to contact the jury to handle an issue about the competition result in immediate disqualification.

The consultations issues related to competition only to be answered properly registered and architects registered in the competition. So the mail containing questions must be HEADING IN THE MATTER by the official registration number, otherwise will not addressed. Following week of submission of proposals, Escuela Digital will coordinate with the jury to develop and process all the information received, so Escuela Digital will not answer any verbal, telephone, electronic communication or relevant post the contest arrived our offices. Any attempt to establish contact or disqualification involves contestants so are asked all the architects refrain from such actions and watch the schedule previously established.


Registration in the Contest, participants immediately formalize the unconditional acceptance these bases, as well as the final decisions of the jury. Participation and registration in the Competition generates therefore submission to the conditions stated above.

Escuela Digital reserves the right to make any improvements on the bases, provided they are at service of the common good of participants and better development of this contest. This contest may be declared void for any reason, desert. The competition end with the election of at least one first and the corresponding delivery of their prizes, unfailingly.

The jury, by majority vote, is the only authorized and legally responsible for choosing the winner and such failure shall be considered final.

For all legal purposes (civil or criminal) Escuela Digital works only as organizer of the "Harley-Davidson Shop Experience 2016" contest and is, therefore, exempt from any possible civil or criminal proceedings in case of a participant not be in accordance with the final decision of the jury.


If any member or team desist in their attempt to enter the Contest, after cancellation of registration, the cost of registration and registration not be returned (nor may it be applied to any other future ESCUELA DIGITAL contest)

Property Rights

All images presented in the contest will become part of the digital record of Escuela Digital thus becoming part of the files for display, exhibition and publication to be made on and the event itself. For any other use not mark the "Harley-Davidson Shop Experience 2016" Contest each participant keep the intellectual property of their work, so the company can post with the corresponding responsibility for promoting effective only giving notice to architect or . participating team


Escuela Digital is committed to scrupulously protect the integrity of this Contest throughout its development as follows: the registration number is the only element that will be organized, processed and evaluated each of the proposals received . For this purpose the digital images come and will be stored as record numbers keeping additional information in a separate file, and evaluation recently completed, only the jury know the name of the contestants.


Are excluded firms, studies, offices , partners and all architects directly related to the professional work with any of the jurors; as well as employees, administrative staff and executive of Escuela Digital. They are also excluded from participating professional architects who are under a labor regime of employee dependent or play a role in Benjamin M. del Campo SA de CV (Harley-Davidson Grupo BMC)

If a contestant was related directly, commercial or professionally with some of the institutions, the proposal will be immediately disqualified.

Thus the following items are also:

Note: competitors who fail or do not observe these rules will be declared ineligible.

Thank you all for signing!